Our Story

If you’re all about savoring the richness of East African heritage, you’ll want to hear our story.

It's ironic that...

Growing up in the Congo, I never would have imagined that my love for African cuisine and my mother's cooking would one day inspire me to create the world's first African hot sauce. Yet, here I am, proud to share with the world, the flavors and culture that shaped my childhood.

How FAIDA Began...

After moving to the United States in 2000 to escape the Great Congo War, I initially struggled to adapt to the unfamiliar flavors and ingredients of my new home. But watching my mother cook and seeing the joy it brought her sparked an idea. What if I could create a sauce that captured the essence of African cuisine, a blend of traditional spices and seasonings that would transport people to the markets and festivals of my childhood?

That's when FAIDA was born...

After years of research and countless taste tests, I finally created a sauce that truly captured the heart of African cuisine and culture. I named it "FAIDA," meaning "to gain/profit" in Swahili. With each bottle, I hope to share with you all the African culture, love, and legacy of African food.

Today, I am proud to introduce FAIDA to the world. Our products are not just a delicious addition to any meal, but also a reminder of the love and creativity that goes into African cuisine. From our family to yours, we hope that FAIDA will bring joy, happiness, and a taste of Africa to every table it graces.

The Reviews are Anything But Mild

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